It has been said the the hardest day of pet ownership is the last. While no one can fully relieve your grief, it is our goal to help guide you through a difficult time with the understanding, dignity and respect that your special relationship deserves.

Animal Care Crematory offers a full range of service options that allow you to personalize arrangements to meet any need. We truly hope that it is a distant day, but when you need us we are here to serve you.

We are locally owned and operated by Howell Funeral Home & Crematory in Goldsboro, North Carolina. We, as life-long pet owners, felt the need for personalized and professional pet cremation services in our area is not only necessary, but also desired by many pet owners as ourselves.  

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We have been a community and operated business for many years, and take pride in our name and reputation.  Animal Care Crematory provides individualized, prompt cremation services exclusively for pets.  Most cremation services offer pet owners no choices.  This oftentimes means waiting one or two weeks before their beloved pet is returned to them.  By focusing on private cremation, we are able to start the cremation as soon as your pet arrives at our facility.

Most cremation services offered by veterinarians don’t allow you, as a pet owner, the closure obtained from attending and verifying that your pet’s cremation is truly the ‘private’ procedure for which you are paying.  If you are not able to visit or personally take your pet to the cremation facility used by your veterinarian, then chances are they do not truly provide individual cremation services. 

 Do you know who is offering this service?  Where are they located? How is the process conducted?  Do you want to know for certain that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your pet?  You certainly have the right to ask for an explanation of how your beloved’s cremation is being conducted, what crematory your veterinarian uses, and how long will it take for the return of your pet. 

Animal Care Crematory welcomes pet owners wishing to personally place their beloved pet in our state of the art, exclusive pet crematory.  Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that one of the last decisions you make for your pet is THE right one. Your beloved pet will be treated with the utmost care, respect and dignity they deserve, as pets are part of our family. 

*Obituaries are NOT posted due to those requesting privacy. However, this is a free service we provide to all our pet families.

This was my first experience taking a pet to a crematory and burial. The Howell's were very professional and provided great quality. There were very friendly and treated my dog Capone with the same care as they would a human. I'm very thankful for their services definitely on a Sunday and making the process a little more bearable. They were helpful and wanted to help anyway they could. Thank you, for your kindness and condolences though my difficult time.

Love, Katherine

Katherine Halstead
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